Taking Care of Your CPAP Equipment

Snoring was once wrongly taken as a sign of comfortable sleep and a good night’s rest. When people snore, people believe that they are sleeping so deeply and so soundly. However, with the advent of medicine and technology, it is well understood that snoring is actually an indication of discomfort, that it is caused by sleep apnea and is experienced because there is a difficulty in breathing. With that discovery came the use of CPAP devices and machines. Buying a CPAP without Prescription

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. These machines helps stabilize the breathing and help the sleepless finally achieve a good night’s sleep. It is a well known fact that once you use your CPAP device, you will have to stay with it for life. And so, proper care and maintenance for these machines are in order. Here is a step by step guide to cleaning your CPAP machines:

Step one: Prepare your cleaning materials. Basically, you need a basin filled with lukewarm water, soap and a wiping towel.

Step two: The next step is soak the CPAP mask. Remember to remove the head straps before doing this as well as the liquid gel like parts – these are the parts of the mask which helps you get a custom fit. Remember to remove these as these can be damaged by the warm water.

Step three: Remove the humidifier from the machine. If your humidifier is a the heated type, turn it off first before removing. After that, it is safe to soak in the water.

Step four: Now, take care of the filter. There are two filters in the machine. One of which is disposable and the other is to be washed. Remove the paper filter and just replace it. On the other hand, soak the foamy filter in the soapy water.