Borshch Or Blintz? The Russian Foods You Simply Must Try

Russian Blue cats are a beautiful and rare breed. They are called Russian Blue because they come from Russia and their fur is a silvery-blue color. The color is called “Blue” in cat competitions and to cat fanciers. russian grocery store

These cats makes great pets. They are loyal and playful. They do not like strangers much, but love their owners.

Russian Blue cats are very distinct looking. They have their amazing fur, of course. Did you know that they also have emerald green eyes? They also have mauve footpads, while most cats have slate grey or pink. They also have a unique double coat of fur which makes them feel luscious.

Russian Blue cats generally live between 10-15 years and even longer if taken care of properly. Most new owners want to know how they can best care for their new cat. What kind of care does the cat need? And, specifically, what kind of food should I be feeding him/her?

These cats love to eat. They will bug you for food right after they have been fed sometimes! They will just keep eating if they are not regulated. For this reason, you need to make sure that you feed them regularly, but also moderate the amount of food that they intake so that they do not become obese. Generally a healthy Russian Blue is muscular and weighs between seven and twelve pounds. If your cat seems to have extra fat on him or weighs more than that then you may wish to go to the vet to see if they are overweight and need to go on a diet.

The best food for a this breed (and just about any cat) has as few fillers as possible. Fillers are usually grains which make up a large portion of the calories in a food. Since cats are carnivores, you want their food to get most of their calories from meat, not grains. Many Russian Blue breeders suggest feeding them a high quality dry food.

These cats generally don’t need any special vitamins or supplements. However, if the food you are giving them does not have an included hairball control, then you may wish to give them a supplement which will help them with this.

I wish you good luck with your new pet. Russian Blue cats are definitely one of the best types of cats out there to finish out a warm, loving family.