Ergonomic Computer Accessories

There is no denying the benefit that the computer has brought to humans, but despite its usefulness, it must remain safe and comfortable for use. That’s where ergonomics comes in. It ensures that the computer and its accessories are designed with the wellbeing of users in mind. Therefore ergonomic computer accessories were developed in an effort to ease the discomfort and strain, which resulted from using the computer for an extended time. With this in mind, a number of computer add-ons such as monitors, keyboards, mouses, were created. Top Corsair PC Cases

Within the last 2 decades, there has been a marked increase in the use of computers. Not only are more persons using the computer, but they are using it for much longer periods of time. This has lead to an increase in incidences of computer related injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, (CTS), and Repetitive Stress Injury or RSI. In turn, this has produced a demand for computers and accessories that support the body, and provide comfort for the user. All this sparked the growth and development of the ergonomic computer industry, as the demand for alternatives has mushroomed.

The ergonomic keyboard was designed in response to the discomfort caused by CTS and RSI. It has been given the thumbs up by therapists and other health professionals, because of the comfort that is created by the contoured shape of keyboard. The design gives the hands ample room within which to operate. There is also less stress on the hands and wrists, as they do not have to be extended as often, which is the case when using the conventional keyboard.

The Keyboard Gel Wrist Rest was specifically designed to accompany the ergonomic keyboard. The fact that it is made of spongy leatherette material, makes it super soft and comfy for the wrists. As an added bonus, it also has antimicrobial additive which prevents the growth of microorganisms. This makes it very resistant to odors and stains, and can extend the life of the product.

There is also the ergonomic mouse, which was also designed to counteract the effects of computer related injuries. It is carefully designed to lessen the stress on the nerve in the carpal tunnel, as well as to the muscles in the arm. Some, like the Ergonomic Renaissance Optical Mouse use a Joystick, and it is believed that the action of this device minimizes discomfort. Others such as the Evoluent Vertical Mouse are available with left and right handed versions.

Using these devices makes hand movement almost effortless, as the hand remains in a relaxed mode, and the forearms are supported.

There are other add-ons available, such as the Ergo-Comfort Flat Panel Monitor Arm. This piece of equipment is flexible enough to allow the user to find the best angle to work with the flat panel monitor. It facilitates easy repositioning of the monitor for optimum benefit.